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Milano is a renowned Polish brand of women's and men's underwear, which creates products from the highest quality raw materials from renowned manufacturers of knitwear, embroidery and accessories. High quality, but also modern design of Milano products.

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Mediolano is a Polish brand of women's and men's underwear, developed from the highest quality raw materials from reputable manufacturers of knitted fabrics, embroidery and accessories. Milan products are distinguished by very high quality and modern design in the spirit of Italian design. Precise finish with attention to the smallest detail attracts the attention of even very demanding ladies. The offer of Mediolano includes, among others:

Mediolano bras

A bra is a necessary item of clothing for every woman. A well-chosen one helps to relieve the spine, supports the bust, and at the same time beautifully exposes the feminine cleavage. In our store you can buy a comfortable Mediolano bra for every occasion. The manufacturer creates various types of bras, including:

  • Soft - a bra that perfectly supports and shapes the bust, this type of bra is most often used by ladies with large breasts. Such bras can be with and without underwires. The cups of this bra are not stiffened with anything.
  • Half-stiffened - the lower part of the cup is stiffened with foam or sponge, while the upper part is made of lace or transparent mesh with embroidery. Their advantage is that they make a light impression and they support the bust reliably thanks to the stiffened bottom part
  • Push up - padded bras with foam inserts, sponges, which are designed to make the breasts look fuller and larger.
  • Stiffened - stiffened bras, the cups of which are lined with stiffening material
  • Balkonette - low-rise bra, exposing the upper part of the bust. The straps are usually wider apart than in other models of bras. A perfect cut for low-cut creations.

Each of them is made of excellent quality raw materials with the greatest attention to the smallest details.

Mediolano panties, briefs

Well-chosen underwear gives you self-confidence, allows you to hide imperfections in the figure and finally arouses great emotions. Our store also offers erotic panties for special occasions, stimulating and igniting passion. Slightly covering and sometimes very exposing the hidden female attributes of beauty. So it is worth stopping for a moment and supplementing our wardrobe with models that we will rediscover and give ourselves a bit of luxury and a sense of beauty.

Mediolano nightwear

This type of underwear was created not only to decorate the female body but also to ensure optimal comfort of wearing and rest during sleep. Milan underwear is comfortable, functional, breathable and practical. For special occasions, we offer slightly more sensual T-shirts that will give a sense of elegance and will satisfy the most demanding ladies.

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